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Tire Failure - By Perry Zucker

When a tire failure occurs on a moving vehicle, there could be catastrophic events.  Depending on which tire has failed, the vehicle could moment2 in a specific direction and/or another, within a fraction of  time.  Ideally, the

Dangerous Vehicle Products

Consumers demanded from auto part stores and garages,


Auto Tire

operator of the vehicle, should be experienced in this type of situation, to achieve the best outcome.

Some tire(s) failures are cause by road hazards, under or over inflated tire(s), manufacturers defects, worn threads, and age of tire(s); dry rot, which may not be visible from the outside of the tire, etc.  

Manufacturer's Date Code (Age of Tire) - 2000 and newer

Beginning in the year 2000 and newer, all tires should have a manufactured date coding (Federal Regulations) somewhere on the side wall.  Some retailers / wholesale shops / garages sell / install tires,  that are new, in the terms of never being installed on any vehicle, but were manufactured  years prior to.  Most vehicle manufacturers (OEM) recommend to take out of service, the tire(s) from use, regards of the mileages, between 4 - 7 years, as well as examining the thread wear.

Tire Manufacturers Date - Decoding
The last 3 to 4 digits after the DOT insignia is basically the date code.  The "WW",  is the week of the year, e.g. 31, is the 31st week of the year and the "YY" is the year of the decade, e.g. 08, is year 2008.

Conclusion - Tire Failure
When considered purchasing new tires, verify the date code (Manufactured) within 12 months) before finalizing the sale. Secondly properly maintain the tire by maintaining  the air pressure, thread conditions, and the age of  all the tires, which might prevent some tire failure and accidents.

2: A pivot point of turning

+ February 01, 2013

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Best in the country as both traffic accident investigator and in court testifying for you as Expert Witness. Decades of success based upon his intelligence , aggressive nature , detailed analysis , and desire to win. Hire Perry Zucker as I did !!  Chris R