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The Offices of PERRY J. ZUCKER, is a nationally recognized highly successful and aggressive expert engineering firm, since 1993.  Our team of experts (in-house engineers, techs and support staff) handle police traffic speeding tickets / violation / probable cause traffic stops / reasonable suspicion traffic stops, vehicle traffic accident reconstruction, automobile black boxes - event data recorders (EDR’s), airbag issues, and product liability cases. We provide expert witness testimony, in criminal, civil and traffic / municipal courts, for defendants, plaintiffs, and prosecutors, nationwide.

We carefully evaluate each individual case in which the proximate cause of the accident, traffic ticket / operator and/or speed measuring device, such as radar, pacing / pace, gap time / Vascar, laser / lidar, traffic control devices (signals / lights, signs, pavement markings and roadway) and product liability matters which are called into question, from an expert  /  expert witness / scientific / forensic / engineering point of view.    Read More >>

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If you have been pulled over for PROBABLE CAUSE while traveling in your vehicle , call the best EXPERT WITNESS to help defend you. Much of his work is concentrated on speeding due to radar , laser or pacing methods utilized by police. If you want a tough , highly successful Expert Witness , then call Perry Zucker !! - CR


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Our team of experts (in-house) handle traffic speeding tickets / violations / probable cause traffic stops / reasonable suspicion, in different aspects. We offer field investigations and provide expert witness testimony, in criminal, and traffic courts, for defendants, police

Analyzing critical accident data such as bio-mechanics, photographs, impact angles, skid/slide marks, friction factors, velocity elements, site evaluation, defective roadways/traffic control devices (signs / signals), auto black boxes