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Traffic Stops

The cops pulled me over for a  probable cause traffic stop where the police officer said I was intoxicated and I didn’t even have anything to drink.  The police officer pulled me over for going 15 miles an hour over the speed limit when I was doing the speed limit.  Perry Zucker proved to the court that the error of the speeding 15 mile an hour overage was incorrect and I was doing the limit….Richie S

My attorney and I  hired Mr. Zucker’s office to help with a defense of a ticket for impeding traffic. They won the case and proved to the judge that there was no way I could be doing the speed that the police officer said I was doing. They won that case with his engineering formulas that they proved to the judge that I was driving at the speed limit….DM

Perry Zucker was retained fight a charge of vehicular homicide that was found out to be caused by faulty break line on my vehicle from the manufacturer.  My client was given probation instead of going to prison.  Thanks   Larry R, Esq

Perry Zucker’s and his office’s attention to details went well beyond my lawyer, who was also impressed by him.  As a result of Mr. Zucker and his office was found not guilty…….Thank you…..  Mike A.

I got stopped for a probable cause speeding.  The police claimed I had drugs in my car, which I did not have any. It was a rented car from another state, since I was vacationing.   My lawyer looked for an expert and was not able to find anyone.  It took me a few weeks and I finally found Mr. Zucker.  He dug deep into the file, when to the scene, researched everything.  Perry founds things my 2 lawyers did not see.  We had a probable cause hearing and the judge granted our motion for dismissal.  Thumbs up Perry… Al R

While driving my vehicle on a state highway a state trooper signaled for me to pull over to the right shoulder of the roadway.  He informed me that he believes I was speeding and drunk. The trooper began illegally searching my vehicle where he found drugs.  I was arrested shortly thereafter. I retained Perry J Zucker.  Long story short, we had a suppression hearing in which Mr. Zucker was able to systemically destroy the trooper creditability .  The Judge agreed with our position; dismissed all.  Perry  has the believe failure is NOT an option…..  If any of my client in my firm, need an expert, Mr. Zucker is the only one I would consider. Thanks Perry..WK, Esq.

I was involved in an accident where the other driver said I hit him in the rear and side.  He was suing me.  My  lawyer hired Mr. Zucker’s office.  His staff was excellent.  We went to trial and Mr. Zucker ‘s team was able to prove the other driver was not telling the truth.  The other driver's case was dismissed and I got  my car replaced and my injuries paid for.. MA  

Probable Cause Traffic Stops

I hired Mr. Zucker and his team to help my son fight a speeding ticket and probable cause. Mr. Zucker was instrumental in fighting this problem and getting all charges dismissed. TG

Police Traffic Speeding Expert

Traffic Speeding Tickets

Expert Witness Report

Retaining an Expert Witness

By definition an expert witness by virtue of scientific, technical,

We retained Mr Zucker’s office for an orphan car accident case my firm was involved with. They were top notch and helped us beyond any we had retained other experts.  AJR, Esq

Best in the country as both traffic accident investigator and in court testifying for you as Expert Witness. Decades of success based upon his intelligence , aggressive nature , detailed analysis , and desire to win. Hire Perry Zucker as I did !!  Chris R

If you have been pulled over for PROBABLE CAUSE while traveling in your vehicle , call the best EXPERT WITNESS to help defend you. Much of his work is concentrated on speeding due to radar , laser or pacing methods utilized by police. If you want a tough , highly successful Expert Witness , then call Perry Zucker !! Chris

It was a pleasure working with you on Mr. X’a case.  Your dedication and attention to details went above and beyond most experts.  You were a valuable asset to the defense team and played a major role in Mr. X's acquittal.  Thank you for your expertise. - JD, Esq

Auto Black Box Readings

Auto Black Box Misinterpretations

I’m a retired Administrative Law Judge that primarily heard traffic related violations, e.g. speeding, traffic lights, etc.  Mr. Zucker was before me several time and was always well prepared, professional and presented the facts in a logical scientific fashion. Most police officers were very concerned of him due to his ability of presenting the case and the real facts.  Shortly after I retired, I received a speeding ticket.  I call Perry to assist me in this matter.  Perry went to the location and analyzed all.  We went to court and I was found not guilty.  I bow  to the master… Thanks Perry   - ALJ RE, Esq

I was driving on a local road when some cop pulled me over for driving too slow.  I was driving 50 mph in a 55 mph area.  I think he was angry that I was not dui, so he gave me a ticket. I went to the local court and lost the trial.  The judge and the cop had a private meeting before my mock trial.  However, we appealed the case into a real court of law.  I hired Perry and he present the facts of the case.  I was found  NOT GUILTY. - D.D  

I am a truck driver and need my license to earn a living.  I had called Perry Zucker’s office for a BS speeding ticket.  I felt very conformable and hired them. We went to trial and we won….  I will hire them again. - Jimmy

Just bought a new vette and I was profiled for my yellow vetter.  I was not speeding but got pulled over anyway. I contacted Perry Zucker which was recommended by my lawyer and used him for his son’s speeding ticket.  Spoke to Perry Zucker’s office and retained them.  Perry’s staff was very professional, answered all my questions and returned all  my calls. My lawyer and Perry went to  trial and Perry proved that I was not speeding.  I put Perry phone number on speed dial on my phone.  Thank you,  Thank you,  Thank you Perry you are the BEST. If you have a speeding ticket or probable cause call  them - Lou

Thank you for your assistance in Mr. D case and the dismissal.  You taught us many things and we are grateful for your radar and discovery. We look forward to working with you again. - CM Esq