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Counterfeit Auto Parts - By Perry Zucker

Counterfeit Auto Parts:

Generally, safety devices were designed to react in a pre-determined manner.  When you change the original given set of parameters the resultant may not be the same safety level.   Some safety equipment could be very expensive combined with greed,  and unfortunately counterfeit auto parts was born.

Counterfeit Brakes Pads / Shoes:

Counterfeit brake pads / shoes does not confirm with federal regulations / laws (FMVSS), in which they do not allow the vehicle to stop safely within a specific distance(s).  

Some counterfeit brake components are actually made from  highly compressed cow / pig / horse waste products. Repeated braking of the counterfeit material would actually disintegrate resulting in a failure to safely stop a moving vehicle.  


Examine the outer box, notice if there is slight color(s) differences versus Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Logo(s) are not very sharp.

Logo / brand name may have different / added letter(s).

Material in which the box is very thin.  

Extremely difference in price (lower).

Counterfeit Front Windshield / Rear / Side Windows (Glazing):

Counterfeit glazing does not confirm with federal regulations / laws (FMVSS), in which they may not have the same safety characteristics, such as shear/tensor, strength.  Front windshields are actually a sandwich of glass with the center made from a polymer / TPU, PVB or EVA, which keep flying glass to a minimum and occupants within the compartment; laminated / safety glass.  In general the back / side windows are tempered glass, in which when broken they "ice cube" in small pieces, reducing injuries.  


Examine the individual glazing panels and look for etched markings which might stated:  USDOT, E1, OEM name(s), FMVSS lettering, which should be clear and crisp.

Misspelling of OEM name(s), regulations, etc.  

There should be no surface labels that can be peeled off.

Extremely difference in price (lower) for counterfeit glazing

Counterfeit Tires - UTQGS:

Counterfeit tires  may change the performance and safety of the vehicle, in which they may not meet or exceed USDOT/UTQGS rating for speed, traction, temperature, and wear as required.   


Examine the tires and look for misspellings, non-clear lettering, no specification sticker on the thread pattern, as well misaligned thread patterns.

Examine the material of the tire notice for any air bubbles and/or voids.

Extremely difference in price (lower) for counterfeit tires.

Counterfeit Body Parts:

Counterfeit auto body parts (hoods, doors, fender, knobs, panels, mirrors, moldings, brackets, etc.) may change the safety ratings of a vehicle.  The designed  vehicle crumble zones, may not operate properly, thereby increases the probability of injuries, which in turn violates federal regulations / laws / Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)


Look for mis-fitted panels / Rippling.

Lighter gauge sheet metal versus OEM.

Multi-layer edges of metal panels.

Extremely difference in price (lower) for counterfeit body parts.

Illuminating Devices (Headlights / Tail Side Lighting)

All vehicle illuminating devices (Headlights / Tail / Side Lighting) must comply to federal regulations / laws / FMVSS for candlepower (CP) / wattage , light pattern(s), color, shape, temperature, shear/tensor strength, and material.    


Look for misfit lenses.

Rippling, lighter gauge material versus OEM.

Different CP / Wattage.

Different Color(s).

Circuit fuses / breakers keep blowing / tripping.

Extremely difference in price (lower) for counterfeit illumination devices.

Suspected Counterfeit Auto Parts - Actions To Consider

If you suspect the auto parts bag(s) of being counterfeit, return it back to the retailer / wholesaler you purchases them for a refund.  

Contact an OEM dealer for an inspection of the parts.

Contact the NHSTA.

Law enforcement to report this occurrence.

Global Brand Protection Team.


Proper automobile parts were designed and installed in vehicles for occupants safety, and to comply with federal regulations / law(s). By using questionable auto parts, one is gambling with the safety of the occupants of the vehicle as well as others.  

Counterfeit Airbags

Auto Parts

Each year there are approximate 10 - 21 million motor vehicle accidents (1980 - 2010) that occur.  Federal regulations / laws (FMVSS / USDOT / UTQGS) require vehicle manufacturer's to installed / utilized certain safety devices, such Airbags, Brakes, Glazing (Glass), Tires and Lighting Devices.

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