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The Offices Of PERRY J. ZUCKER, is a nationally recognized expert engineering firm, since 1993.  Our team of experts (in-house) handle vehicle traffic accident reconstruction, automobile black boxes - event data recorders (EDR’s), airbag issues, traffic speeding tickets / violation / probable cause traffic stops, and product liability cases. We provide expert witness testimony, in criminal, civil and traffic courts, for defendants, plaintiffs, and prosecutors, nationwide.

We carefully evaluate each individual case in which the proximate cause of the accident, traffic ticket / operator and/or speed measuring device, such as radar, pacing / pace, gap time / vascar, laser / lidar, traffic control devices (signals / lights, signs, pavement markings and roadway) and product liability matters which are called into question, from an expert  /  expert witness / scientific / forensic / engineering point of view.

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Our team, lead by Perry Zucker,  can provide comprehensive investigations, technical reports, pre-trial preparation, and expert witness testimony for criminal, civil and traffic courts, for defendants, plaintiffs, and prosecutors, nationwide.

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We are committed to provide the finest quality and efficient services to our clients in accordance with the highest ethical standards of the profession. Consequently, our reputation for integrity and excellence forms the foundation of our continued success, nationwide.

We invite you to contact us and remember we always return phone calls and emails.

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