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Dangerous Vehicle / Products / Equipment - By Perry Zucker

Brush / Push Guards - Are supplemental to the front /rear SUV's / Van's bumper. Basically, they are used for protection against minor cosmetic damage(s).

Essentially, they can be dangerous due to the heavy gauge of metal, which can lead to intrusion chain reactions into the other vehicle's panel(s). These actions may cause additional injuries to the other vehicle's occupants.

Fog / driving lights - Most States require white and/or yellow lights in the front of the vehicle as well as specific light beam cut-off patterns and lumens / power (wattage).

Fog lights should not be able to operate with the high beams on (at the same time).

Neon Lights - Are tube-like lights that are filled with different types of gases to produce various colors, which are placed in the front / rear / side / undercarriage of the vehicle. Most State deems them illegal due to the non-compliance of locations and/or colors.

License plate tinted / smoke covers - Can impair the visibility of the license plate information, deeming them illegal.

Black Out Kits - Are smoked plastic overlay covers, which are installed over the tail / head lights. This partly hampers the visibility of the light(s), deeming them illegal.

Dark Limo Window Tint - This can lead to poor visibility in bad lighting and/or adverse weather conditions, which may lead to accidents, deeming them illegal in some States.
Television / Video players - In some States the operator of the vehicle can NOT view the screen from their position. This in turn eliminates drivers in attentive operation of the said vehicle.

Wheel lights - Are small battery operated lamps, which are placed as air valve caps. Most States deem them illegal due to the non-compliance of locations and/or colors.

Simulated High Powered H.I.D Headlights

Can cause various effects of oncoming drivers, such as dazzling, due to the color

and high intensity. This single occurrence can be extremely dangerous and cause accidents.

As a matter of fact some of these devices which maybe label "Off-road use only" contribute to double-digit percentages of all vehicles accidents. Most of these devices do not meet SAE / DOT / FMVSS standards. All parties (manufactures, dealers, owner, driver and the installers) can be held liability due to contributory negligence of the subject accident(s). So before, buying it, selling it and/or installing it, ask yourself one question? Does it comply?

Dangerous Car Seat Positions

Auto Parts

For many years consumers demanded from auto part stores and garages, many different accessories on their vehicles. These add-on accessories brought millions of dollars to the manufacturers, dealers and the installers. As accessories became more complex, so did the legal ramifications. Some of these accessories are as follows:

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Best in the country as both traffic accident investigator and in court testifying for you as Expert Witness. Decades of success based upon his intelligence , aggressive nature , detailed analysis , and desire to win. Hire Perry Zucker as I did !!  Chris R